SHAREit App: Most Amazing Features to Explore

The mother of all data-sharing apps is finally here. Many data sharing apps are limited by the data ceiling being imposed on them or even the speed being limited. With the SHAREit app now the new normal in terms of connectivity and data sharing, these problems will now be put at rest. The new SHAREit app is also useful in connecting to locally available wireless networks while not partaking of any internet data in the process. The SHAREit for Windows app has been developed by global tech giant Lenovo.

The new SHAREit app has some very helpful and effective features. One of the first ones we begin with her is the ability to use ad hoc wireless networks to send and receive data. This feature does not enlist the usage of any pre-existing network or Wi-Fi infrastructure to do what it does best. Such ad-hoc networks are also very helpful when it comes to transferring data over two devices. One of the main impediments of this feature is the fact that the SHAREit app may not be as secure as we would like it to be. The other problem with this feature is that it may not support the HTTPS application which could also result in security vulnerabilities.

Trusted sources also suggest that the SHAREit app does not lag in speed like Bluetooth and are much faster. The official website states with some pride that it is an astonishing 200 times faster than Bluetooth with an average high speed of 20MB/s. Users can hence all of their original files without compromising on either quality or speed.

Our next SHAREit feature that we love is that it supports a cross-platform transfer of files. Any user can, with some degree of technical skill or prowess, can thus send files back and forth from either Android & iOS platforms to the Windows Phone operating system or even desktop OS like Windows XP or Windows 7 and above. Such cross functionality is unheard of, given how zealous developers are over their own platforms.

The next SHAREit feature on our menu is the fact that it can act as a platform between the PC and our mobile devices. Simply use the SHAREit app to transfer the data over the wireless networks and you are done. You can thus easily transfer files between the two mobile and fixed devices. The user can also view and play music and photos on the compi=uter via the aid of the smartphone with the SHAREit app installed. One of the unique features we love is the fact that the user can create better powerpoint presentations directly over the phone with the app installed. Say hello to your office or classrooms with the app.

The last point on our list of features is that the SHAREit app also has a feature called CLONEit, which can easily help you to replicate your old contacts from one phone to another. It helps you migrate better and faster as well. You can also replicate SMS and MMS messages as well.