iOS 11 TO Come Up with a Better App Store

iOS 11 to have a lot better app store

People kept talking about the iOS 11 OS and came up with countless speculations. Some turned out true when the WWDC even happened few days back while some were not unveiled during the launch of the Beta version. We did get to know about many features but could the Os sport some more of it after the release? It may happen or might not as almost every feature has been unveiled about the eleventh version OS.

The Beta version is right now available for sure but you need to actually pay for it but if you have some patience and wait for it till the end of June the  you will get to utilize the Beta version for free. Out of many features which have been revealed we will today talk about few. App Store help Apple users in installing all the applications which they like and now when the iOS 11 will finally come into the picture, people will get to see an all new version of the App Store. It was necessary for the App Store to get revamped as some users certainly wanted to see that happen. Now the App Store will end up featuring the section called The Daily List and this particular section will help user in getting all the recommendations related to the applications.

So does that mean that people will now get to download or get some more options related to the applications? Well! We can be sure of that once the iOS 11 hits the tech world. However, the notes section of the devices will also be revamped and this time it seems that the iPads will get major updates. Therefore, the developers have actually thought of adding new features to the tablets.

iOS 11 to have an upgraded app store

The Control Centre this time will also get revamped and this was quite envisioned because sources and reports had spoken about it before as well. And it seems that with the unraveling of the eleventh version OS people will be able to control playlist through the all new Control Centre which has now been reworked to a great extent.

However, the AirPlay this won’t be called the same it seems because it might be now called as AirPlay 2. And on the other hand, the multi room audio streaming will also be there on the new AirPlay 2. And this sounds exhilarating than never before.

Nevertheless, the Podcast App has also been upgraded and not only that One Hand Typing has also been added which will make typing with single hand extremely easy. And the iPad users will get extremely lucky this time because they will be provided with the Quick Type keyboard.

And whenever you will try to switch the websites you will get to see the effect of 3D Touch in it. And this time even the lock screen has been updated.

It seems that the iOS 11 is going to be a great success for all the officials of Apple as people have already started talking about the features. And we wonder what will happen when it finally releases.

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