iOS 11 TO Come Up with a Better App Store

People kept talking about the iOS 11 OS and came up with countless speculations. Some turned out true when the WWDC even happened few days back while some were not unveiled during the launch of the Beta version. We did get to know about many features but could the Os sport some more of it after the release? It may happen or might not as almost every feature has been unveiled about the eleventh version OS.

The Beta version is right now available for sure but you need to actually pay for it but if you have some patience and wait for it till the end of June theĀ  you will get to utilize the Beta version for free. Out of many features which have been revealed we will today talk about few. App Store help Apple users in installing all the applications which they like and now when the iOS 11 will finally come into the picture, people will get to see an all new version of the App Store. It was necessary for the App Store to get revamped Continue reading “iOS 11 TO Come Up with a Better App Store”